1.  What is MyDigitalListing.com?
    1. MyDigitalListing.com was created to take advantage of the coming digital trends in the real estate market. With over 91% of all homes viewed on-line by prospective buyers before contacting an agent it is imperative to have a simple but effective digital strategy in today’s connected world.
  2. Is MyDigitalListing.com just for sellers or can it help buyers too? 
    1. MyDigitalListing.com is a fully integrated web site.  It is connected into the two main real estate boards, Punta Gorda-Port Charlotte-North Port Association of REALTORS® Inc. and the Realtor Association of Greater Fort Myers & the Beach Board of REALTORS®.   When a listing is presented to the board it automatically is populated on MyDigitalListing.com, same with OPEN HOUSES, PENDING Status etc.  The site provides additional exposure that is sponsored directly by PinkJennifer.com (Jennifer Taberski) RE/MAX Anchor Realty to gain maximum exposure.
  3. What services does MyDigitalListing.com provide that is different from traditional real estate Agents?
    1. Several. First and foremost, with the increased efficiency through DIGITAL marketing we can take a newly listed home and penetrate a plethora of digital resources where speed to market and less effort are major benefits.  This allows for lower costs of operation, immediate and simultaneous access to worldwide markets, more defined, scalable and targeted demographics as well as ultimately shorter times from market entrance to pending contract.
  4. Speaking of lower costs, what are the commissions of MyDigitalListing.com?
    1. Our commission fees are an all inclusive 4% all the time. Example; a standard commission structure is 6%.  By listing with MyDigitalListing.com a $250,000 home helps the seller pocket/save an additional $5,000.  The higher the selling price the bigger the savings.
  5. Is MyDigitalListing.com just another LIST it and FORGET DISCOUNT program?
    1. Absolutely NOT.  MyDigitalListing.com encompasses direct personal management of your home.
    2. We provide a written 8-Week Marketing plan, provide professional photography including DRONE work, create 3D imagery and custom marketing video of your home.
    3. It includes traditional marketing such as local print media, flyers and mailings
    4. OPEN HOUSES.  We provide (3) to (6) open houses per week 48 weeks/per/Year. We meet face to face with (2400) to (3000) new buyers each year.
    5. We add a half hour WEEKLY local radio show on 1580 AM iHeart radio and advertising on 104.9 FM with total access to 91,000 listeners to announce your home and discuss real estate trends as local experts. We enjoy a Personal Endorsement Program from iHeart radio DJ Jeff Collins (the Golden Hippo) who is a client as well.
    6. PAID Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter
    7. Investments in Google Ad Words for greater web site referrals of your property
    8. 85% market share in the 33955-area code including Premier Agent status on Zillow and Trulia
    9. Partnerships with PinkJennifer.com, their extensive referral base and amazing brand awareness
    10. Email blasts of your property to our extensive database of hundreds of potential buyers
    11. Home listed on two real estate boards